Sunday, September 2, 2012

From POP! Couture du Jour!: BUNZZZ! OF!! STEEL!!!

Photography from POP!  Couture du Jour!:

From Harry Xavier's Blog   POP!  Couture du Jour!:

HX: So Mike, I just want to go ahead and preface this for the readers. Okay?
SM: Preface? What the fuck you yakkin about?
HX: About the contest—I just want to catch my audience up on what went down last night.
SM: Hell yeah—all 20 of ‘em.
HX: Well anyway, last night Mike and I went to the Best Butt Contest at Twink Hunter.
SM: You jackass. It was the Hot Ass Party with DJ Sora.
HX: Oh--well, I was in the neighborhood. Sooooo--Mike won the best butt award!

To find out about what happened with these two, and see more photography,  head over to Harry's hot blog.  It makes for good reading.

POP! Couture du Jour!: BUNZZZ! OF!! STEEL!!!

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