Thursday, September 20, 2012

A Sad Day for Me: Giving Up My Gallery

The Former Home of the Eddi Haskell Gallery and Dog Farm

Yesterday was a very sad day for me in Second Life.  Jago and I are consolidating our land holdings, and I decided to give up my gallery on Whiskers.  Jago and I first bought the land in November 2009 together, the area was a mess of abandoned land when we purchased it. Since then, it has become very nice -- it is now the home of DMC Marinas who will be puchasing the land from us.  Owners of land around our beautiful sim also redid their properties, making our area on of the most beautiful on the mainland of Second Life.

Jago and I simply were not using the land, and visitors to my gallery were limited.  This is true of most galleries in Second Life.  Unless you actively promote them and change exhibits, and have things like concerts there, you do not get many visitors.

I am welcome to come back and visit, and will probably set up a new gallery at some point, but still, giving up the gallery makes me sad.  But Second Life is virtual, and change is good.  Still, it is funny how much you can get attached to something virtual that is not real.

Good Memories Can Last a Long Time in Second Life

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