Sunday, September 30, 2012

Hot Club Dancer of the Day: Pierre Latoe

Photographed at Tadd's

My Quest For An Updated Look Continues: The New New Eddi Haskell with the Help of Zim Gunsberg

Zim Gunsberg and Eddi at Agape Shapes.  Eddi is on the right. 

My quest for a updated look continues. I showed some pictures of the new Eddi here on Friday; but I wanted to go further and look better.  I want to surprise Jago with a hot new look since we met four years ago this week and an Eddi update is so overdue.

I asked my good bud of many years, Zim Gunsberg, who is owner of Agape Shapes (which I really like) to help me update my look even more. Whenever I hang out at some club with handsome Zim, people constantly ask me if he is really single and what he is like (blah blah) because they find him so hot.  I feel like his manager half the time. He was the right person to ask for help I think.

Using my new Birth skin as a base, Zim helped me pick out one of his new shapes, new hair, and some of his new eyes this weekend, and I am very happy with the results.

Zim's Agape Shapes are really well done, and so are his styling cards, and you can visit his main store here.

I will be showing the new Eddi here later this week, and over at Ryce's blog au natural, but for now, you can see a preview above. I have some more things to do. Stay tuned!

Zim Gunsberg and Eddi Haskell

Club Photography: The Punk Party at Twink Hunter on Saturday Evening

Guest Photographer: Chayce Silverfall


DJ InsyX's Blog: AQUA LOUNGE LINK, NEWS, AND EVENTS FOR OCTOBER 201...: Check out The AquA Lounge main website for News and Events for the Month of October 2012. The new format will be out monthly instead of ...

NakedCarl's Club Photography from The Tadd's Silk Party

To see more photography from the event head over to NakedCarl's blog:


Club Photography: Tangier on Afterhours Saturday with DJ Sarco

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Second Life Photo of the Day: Handsome Garlock Slade

Great Second Life Destinations: Ganesh Temple

There are a few Hindu Temples in Second Life, and one that takes up an entire sim which I plan to photograph next.

Ganesh Temple in Nautilus City, one of Linden Lab's great city builds, is on a small patch of land but very well done. I liked the animals -- and rats - in the Temple -- a very realistic touch for a culture in which all forms of life are welcome. Make sure to visit the interesting Gift Shop next door, and the Nautilus City Light House right next door.

From the sim description:
Ganesh/Ganesha is one of the best-known and most worshiped deities in the Hindu pantheon. He is widely revered as the Remover of Obstacles and more generally as Lord of Beginnings, and the Patron of arts and sciences

SLURL to Destination:

Silks Party and Contest Tonight At Tadd's

Time: 7:00 - 9:00 PM SLT


Contest for Best in Silks


Event Today: Punk Party and Contest at Twink Hunter at 4:00 PM SLT

Date of Event: Saturday, September 29

4:00 - 6:00 PM SL Time

With DJ Sora Bluebird

Contest: Win $2000 Linden for Sexiest Punk

Sponsored by Twink Town


Today! MAN-Ta! Launch Party at 2:00 PM at Romanum, $5k Contest For Best Merman

This information comes from Asharr Antonius:

Today,  September 29, from  2pm - 4pm the night of the Full Moon we launch MAN-Ta! with our first Full Moon Party with DJ DK'Haos rocking the waves.

We invite all gay mermen and those that like to party with us to come twist and dive to the tunes as they swirl through the waves, hidden surprises await our new members around the sim so try your luck and see what awaits you in the new Romanum sea.

MAN-Ta! is a club to support the Gay Merman community based on the Romanum VI sim.

$5k split contest Best in Fins / Mer
$1k raffle sponsored by Pyewickets Myths
$2500 Blue Balls Mer Bed to be won
$3k worth sim hunt will be held from 4pm - 60 Man-ta! logos have been spread around the Romanum VI sim each is worth $50L when you turn them in to Asaharr Antonius


Friday, September 28, 2012

Eddi Haskell's New Look

Here is the new Eddi Haskell with a shape from Agape. I am still a work in progress.  Head on over to Ryce's blog to see some mature photography of my new look.

(Warning: Readers 18 and over please, mature content):

Blogs: POP! Couture du Jour!: Handsome Harry's Trashy-Ass

Check our more of handsome Harry's hot pics over at his blog. I have to admit, Harry is turning into one fine photographer.

POP! Couture du Jour!: Trashy-Ass: Hey all!  Posting some kick-ass pics (even if I do say so myself) of Trailer Park @ Submission, one of my FAV sims.  Check 'em out.   ...

Gorgeous Second Life Destinations: Scandinavia In The Autumn

I am on the lookout for great autumn foliage this week.  I previously photographed two gorgeous New England sims this week, Martha's Vineyard and Marblehead, Massachusetts.

The Scandinavia sim is near Second Norway in Second Life, which Ziggy Starsmith has photographed in his blog.  It too has gorgeous fall foliage.

I took these photographs from this location, the home of  Loungelion Beaumont and Loo Berensohn which is open to the public.  I want to thank them for letting me shoot these gorgeous photos at their home. A great destination to visit in this most magical of all the seasons!

SLURL to destination:

From NakedCarl's Blog: Tadd's Leather Party on Thursday Night

Photography by NakedCarl
To see more photography from the event:

Photography by NakedCarl

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Avatar Hunk of the Day: Joeseph Rembrandt

Photographed at Tangier's Club Haman on Saturday, September 22.

Ryce Visits The Home of the Mormons in Second Life

Ryce in front of Jesus and the Book of Mormon

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, or the Mormons, has a very impressive headquarters in Second Life. The area spans 5 sims and includes several interesting places to visit including a virtual Tabernacle (home of the famous Mormon Tabernacle Choir which in my opinion is the best in the United States), an ancestry center with a baptismal font with oxen at the base, and a club inside a Pyramid which is really well done for parties (the sing says live performers only).

This Mormon Temple is for show only but looks impressive.

Ryce met several nice people at the sim who were there to answer questions about becoming a Mormon and talk about their faith. They were very friendly; and you can see Ryce in a nice group shot below. Although Ryce is not going to become a Mormon, he did enjoy his visit.  

The Mormon center in Second Life is a very impressive and interesting build, and well worth a visit.  .
SLURL to Destination:

Ryce with  8Brenda, Skyler Goode, and Tishacious Urriah
I visited on 9/11 and 8Brenda was dressed as a Firefighter 
Many Mormon Missionary boys are gorgeous. Why not put a real-life photo here?

With over 40,000 visitors, Second Life Mormon Land is a very good investment.

This slide show shows Mormon Temples around the world. 

The inside of the Mormon Tabernacle, home of the world-famous choir

Mormon Baptismal Font at the Family Center

The Angel Moroni reveals knowledge to Joesph Smith, Founder of the Mormons 

The central Welcome Center

This really cool night club is inside the Pyramid and features live music.