Friday, August 24, 2012

Tropical Storm Isaac Update

Tropical Storm Isaac should not be hitting here as a Hurricane, which is really good news. It may disrupt the Republicans in Tampa on Monday during their convention, but so far is staying away from the east coast of Florida.

They did issue a Tropical Storm Watch though we means we need to be on alert for Tropical Storm force winds up to 74 mph (I am in the area marked with an X). Winds this strong do not do that much damage, at worst they might knock down some power lines for a day or two. But if Isaac strengthens and changes course slightly east we can be in trouble here in South Florida starting on Sunday night.

The last time South Florida was hit by a major Hurricane was in 2005 for Hurricane Wilma, and there was no power here for 20 days along with no drinking water, and we evacuated up north.  I am hoping Isaac stays to the west and does not come any closer!

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