Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Ryce Models the Waterbabies Slouch Cut Swim Suit - A Hot Buy for 99 Linden

Waterbabies makes some very hot swimwear.

There are two sexy approaches to men's swim suits in Second Life. The first approach are very small and very tight bikini and speedo style briefs that look like they are almost painted on, much like hunky Olympic diver Troy Dumais showed off to great effect in the London competitions last week.

The second approach gives the fabric more volume, and takes a square cut design that is not as revealing -- but can be equally as sexy. Ryce is modeling the Waterbabies (a great Second Life swimwear designer which also makes very tight and small swimwear) Slouch Cut Squarecut suit in Blue/Powder.  I like the way the suit (which needs to be adjusted and comes in three parts including a nicely made bulge) shows just a hint of butt crack, something that Ryce enjoys showing off as much as he can.

The Slouch Cut Squarecut suit comes in a wide range of colors, including some very nice solid color choices.  It is only 99 Linden and is a great buy.

The SLURL to the main store is here, and it is well worth a visit.

You can see an older review of Eddi modeling Waterbabies swimwear here:

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