Friday, August 31, 2012

Masterwork Machinima: The Last Syllable of Recorded Time, Winner of the UWA Award of Excellence in Film Direction for 2012

Tutsy Navanathna, who is from France, has won many awards for her superb machinima. Her latest, the
 The Last Syllable of Recorded Time, has recently taken the 1st Prize Award of Excellence in the prestigious University of Western Australia's Machinima competition. It is filmed entirely in Second Life; I love the black and white photography which yields to color traces. This is a highly professional and artistic production and raises the level of Second Life machinima a few notches to what can be achieved.

Tutsy writes the following about the machinima. I am not sure about how the machinima conveys this political goal, but it is a nice thought.

As impotent sleeping spectators we have stood by as multinational companies, bankers and traders have looted and pillaged the precious resources of our shared planet. As a species and as individuals, we need to find the Wisdom and self-awareness to reflect upon who we are and what we can do to stop this tragic state of affairs.

For more information, check out Hamlet Au's article in New World Notes:

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