Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Is Mesh Construction Worth All The Fuss? Photography from Fate Island

Fate Island is the home of a new line of mesh mens clothing that will be introduced in September. Second Life Uberblog New World Notes ran an article on this last week.  You can gift a nice gift bag and a few mens mesh outfit (see the photo below) if you visit the island. They are also having some sort of photography contest for wearing the new mesh outfit, join their group to find out about this.

I am not that into mesh clothes, both Eddi and Ryce, who do not seem very muscular on the Second Life gay scene where most seem injected with steroids, cannot wear mesh since their arms and chest busts through just about every mesh outfit they put on, and they do not want to become skinny. A v-shape is nice.

However, I am intrigues by the concept of "mesh architecture", since the new Fate headquarters is apparently designed using mesh. Mesh builds are OK -- I can see three dimensionalality and realism in them,
but something appears to be missing, and I cannot figure out what.  I need to investigate this concept more to find out.


  1. "but something appears to be missing, and I cannot figure out what."


    I agree with you and I don't know the answer. Perhaps mesh will improve with age. I've seen some really great mesh work, but not a lot of it. Right now mesh belongs to those with the technical ability, not necessarily to those with the greatest imaginations.

  2. I have to give in and admit that I am loving anything mesh besides the clothing for reasons you said but I do have some mesh knee high leather boots that i love but had to be custom made to fit me.
    Mesh buildings, vehicles and avatars though are cool...


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