Wednesday, August 22, 2012

I Hate Hurricanes, But Need To Get Ready for Issac

Hurricanes are such a pain in the rear-- some of the worst things are no power or drinkable water for up to two weeks in hot and humid South Florida in the event of a bad one like Hurricane Wilma in 2005, the last major storm to strike here.

As of this morning, Hurricane Isaac (it is now a Tropical Storm but set to get much stronger in the next five days) is set to hit here dead-on (I live in the circles area above) on Monday as a Category 1 Hurricane. I am hoping it goes off course, and does not get any stronger than this.  But for now, its time to store large amounts of drinkable water and other stuff, and be prepared to evacuate if things get any worst.

I moved to Florida in 2005 from the U.K. three weeks before Hurricane Wilma hit dead-on.  That was a strong Hurricane, but check out this video and imagine conditions like this for 8 hours.  Scary Stuff!

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  1. I lived at Ft. Myers Beach, right o the beach and worked at Burdines in Naples as receiving manager. This was when Andrew hit.
    I stayed in the store and had one of my employees with me. I will forget forget that one.


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