Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Great Second Life Destinations: Solaria, The Most Perfect Village in Second Life

I loved this place so much I did not want to share it with anyone lest it be ruined by too many visitors.

The Italian Village of Solaria is the most perfect place in Second Life.

The setting is a day in October, with leaves starting to turn orange, vines ripening, and evenings cooling down after the long hot summer slowly ends. The village itself is on the sea; reminding me of the seacoast on the far north of Italy on the Adriatic -- near Trieste. Traces of Austrian, Roman, and Venetian architecture are there in this most realistic of builds.

The intimate touches are what make Solaria. The sausages in the cafe air drying (yum hard Italian Salami), the three types of pizza to purchase on the table outside, the realistic pottery and urns, and the two young cats who sit on the nearby bench who look very well fed, and who notice you when you come up to them, are all very well down. The old motorcycle which has not been used in a while, and has some grass and flowers growing around it is another nice touch.

Solaria has an underwater city that you can visit, the sea level must have risen during the past 1000 years.  I intend to come back and photography this next.  In the meantime enjoy these photos and visit this great place but beware -- it is addictive, and you might find that you never want to leave.  Solaris is the best of Second Life and enough of a reason for any of us to continue with this magnificent virtual world obsession that we have.

to visit Solaria:


  1. Wow it's beautiful, I love it. Nice find!

  2. parts of it remind me of Corcyrus that was built by my Master. It looks very beautiful. might have to go and take a look in person.


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