Wednesday, August 15, 2012

From New World Notes: Maxwell Graf's Rustica Gives Facebook Virtual World Cloud Party A Major Step Forward

Photography from New World Notes

Cloud Party, the new virtual world that integrates with Facebook, failed to impress me two months ago when I first visited. However, it now has some decent content.

Maxwell Graf, a well known Second Life sim designer,  has built Rustica, a very impressive destination with gnarled trees and running water which New World Notes reviews today. I ran into Maxwell a few weeks ago in Cloud Party, and he told me about it's huge potential, which he now makes use of.

Is Cloud Party ready for Prime Time?  Not yet. Avatars look cartoonish, and the place is still very rudimentary. I also doubt that there will every be anything but very PG content there. But it can serve as a mass market Virtual World if it stays as easy-to-use as it is with an intuitive browser-based interface, something Second Life has yet to have - and draw new residents to Second Life who want to see what a grown-up Virtual World can look like.

To read more:

New World Notes Article:

Click Here To Visit Cloud Party

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