Thursday, August 9, 2012

Eddi's Hot Computing Tip: My Cisco EA 3500 Router Has Yielded Excellent Results

Cisco's EA 3500 Router costs about $130.00 in the United States. 

Last week, I reported to you that I was having problems building a wireless network to access Second Life and other demanding web sites in my new home.

These results are adequate for Second Life

I want to report to you that an upgraded Cisco router, the EA-3500 which cost me about $130.00 at Office Depot, has worked very well.  My consistent speed test results are shown above.

Although my wired connection gets about 25 Mbps, `12.75 Mbps, the best that I can get given the range I require for the router's signal in this concrete and cinderblock house, is serving just fine for Second Life.

One thing I did do to increase performance is disable the WMM setting in the router (below) in the QOS for applications and gaming applications. It is not needed for Second Life and my wireless applications, and degraded performance to a great degree.

To read my original article look here:

Disable the WMM setting for optimal speed and performance

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  1. This is what I have and I love it I clean up and work on other computer here. Sometime I have several running at a time and good speed with all of them.


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