Thursday, August 30, 2012

Classic Cinema: Homoerotic Sceen Test With James Dean and Paul Newman for East of Eden

Paul Newman and James Dean -- Two of the Greatest Cinematic Sex Symbols Ever 

I have a fascination with James Dean, the gay (or bisexual) American actor and cultural icon who died in a 1955 in a car crash after making some very memorable movies including Rebel Without a Cause, Giant,  and East of Eden. No actor has ever eluded as much bad boy sexuality as him.

In July I ran a photo of James Dean kissing young and very handsome Marlon Brando,
(update:  This photo looks like it has been faked -- Marlon Brando was kissing a cat in another photo).

James Dean and a young Paul Newman at his prime

The two of them competed in a Screen Test for loner Carl Trask in the movie East of Eden.  James Dean got the part, which he should have.  But look at this screen test. The two of them cannot get over each other. Although Paul Newman was never publicly gay or bi, there are stories -  and with his looks and confidence he could easily have  anything that came his way.

Here is the dialog:

Off-screen: What do you think of each other?
Paul Newman: Wow —- Well, we can’t print that. *intense burning looks*
James Dean: (bites lip) Kiss me.
Paul Newman: Can’t here.
OR come to think of it, the looks exchanged behind the clapper in the very beginning.

This screen test is also up, with James Dean and Richard Davalos, who went on to star in East of Eden as James Dean's brother.

Am I imagining cute Richard pulling his pants down and sitting on James with his perfect bubble butt moving up and down?

I have a fantasy of going back in time to Hollywood in the 1950's and seeing what the gay scene was like (everything was right below the surface) and movie actors were masculine, handsome and charismatic if not publicly closeted. Many were very bisexual. Boy it must have been steamy and hot back then since gay sex was so illicit- danger must have made sex interesting.


  1. I'm with ya on this one, Eddi.

    I was never an old movie fan, but there was just something about James Dean that oozes hotness. He was tragic and, of course, "tragic" is so my type.

    A co-worker forced me to watch Newman in "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof" OMG, I lusted for that man like no Hollywood actor makes me do today. Newman was such a hot mess in that movie.

    Further on, I lusted after Brad Davis and River Phoenix. Both were tragic hot messes too.

  2. Most of them could not wait to get alone with each other up in their quiet, private estates in the Hollywood hills. behind guarded gates, crickets chirping, everything quiet and the clothes came off and the sex was intense. They had to make it count because they never knew when they might be free to get together again. Can you imagine James Dean and Paul finally getting alone together.Naked chest to chest, legs intertwined, their naked manhood rubbing together as they kisses hard....


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