Thursday, August 23, 2012

A Simple Proposition for Linden Lab: Since the Price of Storage Has Fallen Exponentially, Why Not Give Us More Prims?

Here is a very simple proposition for Linden Lab that would make their committed corps of users who rent land very happy.

If you will not lower the cost of land rentals, why not give us more prims on the same land that we rent?

Even a token 10% right now would bring smiles to our faces.

As these charts show, and as anyone who has owned a computer for the past several years or follows technology knows,  the price of storage has fallen exponentially..

Yet the cost of prims, which are basically data to be stored, has basically remained the same, with some exceptions for homestead sims, since 2006, when I first started tracking Second Life.

I do not think anyone would rent less land if they were given more prims.  Land area is land area, and I am not proposing that the price of renting land drop. What I am proposing is that we users get more prims to design and build wonderful items with, since the incremental cost to Linden Lab would be minimal.

Let's see if this common sense idea will take hold.


  1. Eddie your talking common sense which we all know is a alien language to the Lindens!
    Now watch they will announce lessoning the prims we have....

  2. This is an extremely fair and logical proposition.

    Really, it would be a nice thing if Linden Labs would just throw a bone to landowners.

    Considering that other virtual worlds seem to be able to manage just fine with the additional prims, SL should do this.

    Excellent suggestion, Eddi.

  3. This makes sense but LL is about as archaic as a republican at a woman's rights rally.


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