Friday, August 31, 2012

Hot Couple of the Day: Rik Nayar and Ramses Meredith

Masterwork Machinima: The Last Syllable of Recorded Time, Winner of the UWA Award of Excellence in Film Direction for 2012

Tutsy Navanathna, who is from France, has won many awards for her superb machinima. Her latest, the
 The Last Syllable of Recorded Time, has recently taken the 1st Prize Award of Excellence in the prestigious University of Western Australia's Machinima competition. It is filmed entirely in Second Life; I love the black and white photography which yields to color traces. This is a highly professional and artistic production and raises the level of Second Life machinima a few notches to what can be achieved.

Tutsy writes the following about the machinima. I am not sure about how the machinima conveys this political goal, but it is a nice thought.

As impotent sleeping spectators we have stood by as multinational companies, bankers and traders have looted and pillaged the precious resources of our shared planet. As a species and as individuals, we need to find the Wisdom and self-awareness to reflect upon who we are and what we can do to stop this tragic state of affairs.

For more information, check out Hamlet Au's article in New World Notes:

Please Take This Week's Poll - And Let Us Know if You Feel Social Media Such as Second Life and Facebook are Making Us Lonely

The Atlantic Magazine recently ran an article entitled "Is Facebook Making Us Lonely".  The premise is that social media such as Facebook (and Second Life by extension) is making us more lonely by cutting off our time and ability to socialize in the physical world.

I was thinking about this. I am not sure I agree.  Please let our readers know what you think about this by taking this week's poll on the top right hand side of this web page.

Eddi Haskell

Is Facebook Making Us Lonely? - The Atlantic

Club Photography from NakedCarl: Tadd's on Thursday Night

To see the rest of NakedCarl's photography from the event:


Thursday, August 30, 2012

Classic Cinema: Homoerotic Sceen Test With James Dean and Paul Newman for East of Eden

Paul Newman and James Dean -- Two of the Greatest Cinematic Sex Symbols Ever 

I have a fascination with James Dean, the gay (or bisexual) American actor and cultural icon who died in a 1955 in a car crash after making some very memorable movies including Rebel Without a Cause, Giant,  and East of Eden. No actor has ever eluded as much bad boy sexuality as him.

In July I ran a photo of James Dean kissing young and very handsome Marlon Brando,
(update:  This photo looks like it has been faked -- Marlon Brando was kissing a cat in another photo).

James Dean and a young Paul Newman at his prime

The two of them competed in a Screen Test for loner Carl Trask in the movie East of Eden.  James Dean got the part, which he should have.  But look at this screen test. The two of them cannot get over each other. Although Paul Newman was never publicly gay or bi, there are stories -  and with his looks and confidence he could easily have  anything that came his way.

Here is the dialog:

Off-screen: What do you think of each other?
Paul Newman: Wow —- Well, we can’t print that. *intense burning looks*
James Dean: (bites lip) Kiss me.
Paul Newman: Can’t here.
OR come to think of it, the looks exchanged behind the clapper in the very beginning.

This screen test is also up, with James Dean and Richard Davalos, who went on to star in East of Eden as James Dean's brother.

Am I imagining cute Richard pulling his pants down and sitting on James with his perfect bubble butt moving up and down?

I have a fantasy of going back in time to Hollywood in the 1950's and seeing what the gay scene was like (everything was right below the surface) and movie actors were masculine, handsome and charismatic if not publicly closeted. Many were very bisexual. Boy it must have been steamy and hot back then since gay sex was so illicit- danger must have made sex interesting.

What Are They Noticing Behind the Fence?

I thought this photograph was interesting. Why is my soon-to-be 2-year old niece Abby and my nephdog Buster staring at this fence?  What are they noticing?  

The two of them get along well as long as Buster does not munch on her toys or eat her snacks. 

Avatar Hunk of the Day: Todd Eager

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Avatar Hunk of the Day: Atomo

Is Mesh Construction Worth All The Fuss? Photography from Fate Island

Fate Island is the home of a new line of mesh mens clothing that will be introduced in September. Second Life Uberblog New World Notes ran an article on this last week.  You can gift a nice gift bag and a few mens mesh outfit (see the photo below) if you visit the island. They are also having some sort of photography contest for wearing the new mesh outfit, join their group to find out about this.

I am not that into mesh clothes, both Eddi and Ryce, who do not seem very muscular on the Second Life gay scene where most seem injected with steroids, cannot wear mesh since their arms and chest busts through just about every mesh outfit they put on, and they do not want to become skinny. A v-shape is nice.

However, I am intrigues by the concept of "mesh architecture", since the new Fate headquarters is apparently designed using mesh. Mesh builds are OK -- I can see three dimensionalality and realism in them,
but something appears to be missing, and I cannot figure out what.  I need to investigate this concept more to find out.

Must-See Second Life Destinations: The Alamo

The Alamo, the historic fort located in San Antonio, and scene of the battle and massacre in 1836 that led to the birth of the Republic of Texas (which later entered the United States) has an excellent visualization in Second Life by the University of Texas at Arlington.

The usage of unique textures here is excellent, especially the stone work and accessories such as picture frames.

The Alamo is revered in Texas. It is considered consecrated ground, and treated with enormous respect by the government and many Texans. You get that feeling -- one of veneration - when you enter the building virtually. One of the best real life visualizations in Second Life.

SLURL to Destination: