Friday, July 13, 2012

Second Life Fashion Review: Ryce Models S.E.X Palm Swimpants

Ryce wears his current favorite beach fashion in these photographs, Jake Koronikov's S.E.X. Palm Swimpants in Red and Blue. They come in other colors, and cost $120L each.

The Swimpants come with sculpted drawstrings and resizable bulge and are copyable but not transferable. They are very well made and textured, and quite realistic looking with a 3D feel look to them. The bulge is quite well done and does not look unnatural like so many do.

You can purchase these and other great items in the S.E.X. store at Spurt Beach.
SLURL to destination:

S.E.X. Palm Swimpants
$120L each
Shown in Red and Blue.

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