Thursday, July 26, 2012

Results from the Second Pride Poll - Somewhat Negative, But Not To Be Taken Seriously

Here are the results from the Second Pride poll for last month's Second Pride.

Note from Eddi:

I have been hesitating to run the results from this poll, but have decided to do so since there were so many requests for it. Although the results can be interpreted as negative (44% say that they were very disappointed), I do not think the results of this poll should be taken seriously.

The reason is this. During the first week of the poll, the results were highly favorable to Second Pride. The majority of respondents were very or mostly satisfied. I noticed during the second week of the poll that the ratings became much more negative over a two day period. I suspect that someone who wanted to rig the results of the poll used a proxy server to mask their IP address (very easy to do) and entered multiple negative answers.

I will even let you know how to mask your IP address now and invoke a proxy, and vote twice in any online poll. Simply go to your settings (in Chrome go to the wrench icon) and use "incognito window". It is that easy.

I attended Pride and simply refuse to believe that 44% of people who attended were very disappointed with it. And common sense should prevail in these issues.

This is why any poll results from this blog should be taken with caution. I actually monitor the poll results to make sure that a flood similar responses do not skew the results. Anything controversial that would sway emotions one way or the other really should not be polled here, or taken with caution.

I understand that Second Pride will be commissioning their own poll (or has already). This should be a more accurate indicator of satisfaction with Pride than the poll results here.

With that preface, here are the results of the Pride poll. There were 54 total responses. Percents do not equal 100 due to rounding to the nearest lower digit (Google's automatic poll results do this.
Please answer our poll if you attended Second Pride in Second Life in June or July 2012. Please let us know how satisfied you are with the event.

5: Very Satisfied
11 (20%)

4: Mostly Satisfied
3 (5%)

3: Neutral
1 (1%)

2. It needed some improvements
9 (16%)

1. Very dissapointed
24 (44%)

I did not attend Second Pride in Second Life
6 (11%)


If you have the time, and have not yet voted in this week's poll, please go to the top right hand corner of this web page and let our readers know which graphics card you use (one time please!). There are four days left to vote in this poll.

Please vote in this week's poll - which graphics card do you use?

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