Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Problems with New Version of Firestorm Have Me Back Using the Official SL Viewer

What the open water looks like at Spurt Beach using Firestorm

I have problems with the new version of Firestorm.

Water will not rez correctly.  It is clear and deep blue, with no surface texture. It looks like hell and is a real problem, since I like to photograph seascapes.

In addition, I crash every hour.  I experience the "black screen" others report in JIRA's.

This is probably specific to ATI graphic card users.  I have checked the various support sites and there are many people using ATI Catalyst Cards who are reporting similar problems. These problems started around one week ago for me --when I upgraded both my version of Catalyst to 12.6 and downloaded the new Firestorm viewer.

In a game of detective, involving older versions of Firestorm and ATI Catalyst, I discovered that the problem occurs with older Catalyst versions (I tried version 12.4 and version 12.1) and my older version of Firestorm. I cleaned out my hidden files. and do not have the patience to put my computer into safe mode and try to figure out where the (most likely) one corrupt file from Firestorm lies.

What water looks like using the official Second Life viewer at Spurt Beach

But, everything is better than ever using the official SL Viewer.

I dislike the official SL viewer since it does not have cool Windlight settings -- hundreds of them-- Sky and Sea (water) settings built in.

I will suffer and use the SL Viewer which I consider to be strangely laid out and bizarre in terms of controls in many respects.  I do not want to use Phoenix (one recommendation), and found the Niran viewer too difficult to setup and learn. Perhaps the Exodus or another viewer will be optimal.

But for now, I must say goodbye to Firestorm.  I do not want to buy and install a high end NVDIA graphics card right now, and have already invested more than 8 hours in this little Firestorm related project.

Advice:  Get a computer with an NVDIA card if you have a choice.  The great ATI deals out there are there for a reason -- you get what you pay for.

Here are some references to similar problems on the support sites.

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  1. Try Dolphin or Exodus (which has special photographic features I believe).


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