Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Photography from Blue Mars: The Xanadu Testing Lab - Roger Gets Doused With Radiation

Xanadu is the newest destination on the virtual world of Blue Mars, which opens up a new attraction now and then.  I wrote about this French-speaking city when it first opened in May of this year.
They have a new outdoor cafe that is really quite charming. You can see my avatar Roger sitting and waiting to be served some Pernod to drink on a sunny day. They also have a cool lab which has
condemned for a radiation leak , which is cool to walk around in.

Although Blue Mars is essentially empty (I have not seen anyone else there in 2012), it still has some very cool places to visit. All of us Blue Mars aficionados are waiting for more high quality destinations that should be available to visit once IDIA Lab (announcement below) starts putting more content online.

For news about the future of Blue Mars:

For more photography from Xanadu:

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