Thursday, July 19, 2012

Must-See Second Life Destinations: Decoretropia, a Retro 50's Town with Great Design

Decoretropia is a Retro 1950's Town on the Viva La Glam sim with a great sense of design. I am not sure if the name of the town is Decoretrotopia, or Viva La Glam which would be another great name for it. The design celebrated is not art deco -- which reached its peak 20 years earlier, but mid-century modern, centered on the great style of 1950's era Los Angeles.

I particularly liked the graphics including the usage of fonts and colors, and found it very professionally done. The 1950's Cadillacs, shown  at the drive in below, were very evocative of the period - love those tail fins!  All in all, a must see destination on Second Life.


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