Sunday, July 15, 2012

Go See the New Woody Allen Movie - To Rome With Love

Mom and I went to see the new Woody Allen movie this afternoon - To Rome with Love.  We loved it.

We chose it over Spiderman (no one can replace handsome Tobey Maquire in that role for me), and mom was not into seeing Magic Mike which was my first choice.

The movie is one of Woody's best.  It is a bit intellectual, and is not as angst-filled as Woody's standard fare, and is just simply fun to see. There are several very funny sub-plots in the movie (the shower singer is very funny, and any opera buff needs to see it just for that), and the put-down of celebrity driven culture where people are famous just for being famous can get you thinking.  There are some excellent comedy scenes, but this movie is about Woody's excellent wit more than anything.

Make sure to see it.  I give it an Eddi Haskell 5-star rating.

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