Sunday, July 29, 2012

Eddi's Hot Computer Tip: How To Remove Funmoods, and Other Malware As Your Hijacked Search Engine

The Official Funmoods Logo - Malware By Any Other Name

In the past week, I had an change to my search engine. Instead of Google, I was driven to something called Funmoods.

I checked out Funmoods and it is not officially malware, but a company that exists on having you inadvertently accept downloads, either to your programs or browsers, that allows them to hijack your search and other processes.

I went through all the standard processes to remove programs like this.  I used Revo Uninstaller to fine the program (Revo is freeware and the best way to remove programs from your system, watch out that you do not download the Pro Version by accident), and could find nothing.  I could find nothing in my programs list, and ran a malware scan.

I finally found the culprit code in my Google Chrome browser. Here is how:

1:  Access the wrench icon in Chrome in the upper right hand side of your browser. Click it and hit "settings".

2. In settings, click "manage search engines".

3. Look for Funmoods in both categories -- Default Search Engines and Other Search Engines underneath it.

4. Hold your cursor over the suspicious entry until an x appears on the right hand side. Click it and remove the unwanted entry.

While you are at it you might as well clear out other search engines from the "other" category that you are unfamiliar with. Leave the default ones there since most of them have value.

Funmoods did something very nasty -- they put in "make default search engine provider" that came up automatically checked even if you chose something else.  What jerks, and what a poor way to run a business.

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