Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Club Photography: Interesting Photographic Effect Created by Accident at Tadd's.

I have no idea how I created these images at Tadd's. My viewer's images (Firestorm) all of a sudden took on this cool geometric look.  It is if they are showing the graphic precursors to a normal image.

I did not deliberately change any setting, and do not think I changed anything in render in advanced settings-- I checked afterwards and nothing was checked that should not be that I could tell.  I do like these photographs, however. If you can leave a comment with what you think went on it would be appreciated.


  1. I hope you figure out the rendering. Very nice.

    This style reminds me of hand-colored etchings.

  2. That's wireframe view. Forget the key combo that gets you there, but... yeah.

  3. Ctrl Shift and R together show the wireframe, just press it again to get back out of it

  4. It's Wireframe - Ctrl+Shift+R

  5. It's the wireframe option....Control Shft R to toggle it in and out


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