Thursday, July 26, 2012

Announcing a Change in Direction in Eddi and Ryce's Blog

Portrait of Jago Constantine by Eddi Haskell

I am announcing a change in direction in this blog, and in my alt's blog, Ryce Skytower's Second Life.

I am no longer doing free portrait photography inworld, or running free portrait photography here in this blog. This is due to real life work commitments; my work schedule does not give me as much time inworld as it has.

 Portrait of Roger India by Eddi Haskelll

Avatar Hunk of the Day, Avatar Hunk of the Month (including nude shots over at Ryce's blog), Hot Club Dancer of the Day, Hot Couple of the Day, and all the other free photography I have run here will be ending over the next week or so as soon as I finish out the queue of photographs I have preset in my pipeline.

Profile Shot of Mad Raven by Eddi Haskell

Profile Shot of Harry Xavier by Eddi Haskell

If you want me to photograph you, my rates are reasonable and start at 500 Linden for a simple portrait sitting which will get you a profile shot, and some standing shots, up to 2000 Linden for a one hour professional sitting that will get you at least 50 photographs in several settings. I can also post You  Tube videos of your photography.

Please leave me a note card inworld, or send an email to if you are interested in my work. 

Oil Pastel Sketch of Ryce Skytower by Eddi Haskell

I can also do painting conversions, framed portraits, and even you tube montages of you if you are interested. I also do couples photography, including intimate and confidential photography of you and your partner (partners), and wedding and event photography for a reasonable price.

Drako and Rival by Eddi Haskell (and below)

 In addition, I run my new photography in my blogs and will be glad to show your photographs here, or over at Ryce's blog for mature photography, if you want. 

I am showing some examples of my work here.

Thanks for reading, Eddi Haskell

Portrait of Evan Karpov by Eddi Haskell (and below)

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