Thursday, July 19, 2012

Advance Notice: Neptunalia Festival at Romanum This Saturday, July 21

The city of Romanum welcomes it's citizens and friends to celebrate on the 21st of July.
The holy festival of the Neptunalia in celebration of Neptune God of the Sea, Water and Horses.
We have prepared a day long festival for your enjoyment and celebration.

Prayer & Sacrifice

10 am - Gladiator warm up

Gladiator Tournament

Host Timmy Zong
DJ - Addy Hax


10.30am – 11.30am
Sponsored by Aquila Swords
1st Prize Spartacus Swords
2nd Prize Scary Van Axe
Prize $3000

Chariot Race - Hippodrome to Marina



11.30am –
Sponsored by Gaius Julius Caesar Octavianus
Prize $5000

Dance Party on the Harbor

12am – 2pm - Best in Roman
Sponsored by House of Antonius
Prize $3000
Sponsored by Pyewickets Myth and Mythos
Prize $1000 Gift Card
Prize $2000
DJ - Avacar Bluestar
Host - Julius Antonius

Triton's Ball -
2 pm – 4pm - Best in Fins
Sponsored by Blue Balls
Prize $6000 in Blue Balls gifts
Prize $2000
DJ - Addy Hax
Host - Myklos

Bathhouse Dance Party
5pm – 8pm - Best in Bare as you Dare
Sponsored by Pillow Bitters
Prize Pillow Bitters Gift Card
Prize $2000
DJ - Dextrum Boucher
Host – Hunter Buse

For our Romanum Members we have the following group only activities
A Judged Photo Contest with the theme of Honoring Neptune
Sponsored by Mr Romanum Asharr Antonius
Prize $5000

A hunt for 10 Neptunalia signs
10 signs have been hidden around the Romanum sims
Each item can be picked up and turned in once to Asharr for $100L prize.
No item is hidden in a home, every public area is open game.
We would like to specially thank the sponsors of the festival

Pillow Bitters - Bathhouse Party
Pyewickets Myth and Mythos - Harbor Party
House of Antonius - Harbor Party
Male Gallery - Frogman Firegrave
Blue Balls – Trition's Ball
SevenArts Creations
Aquila Swords - Tournament
Gaius Julius Ceasar Octavianus - Chariot Race

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