Monday, June 4, 2012

The Battle of Midway Began 70 Years Ago Today

The Battle of Midway, the most significant naval battle in World War 2, and the battle the stopped the Japanese advance in the Pacific towards the United States, started 70 years ago today. It lasted for 3 days.

The battle came 6 months after the huge Japanese victory at Pearl Harbor, when most of the battleships of the United States were either sunk or put out of commission in a surprise attack by a fleet of Japanese aircraft carriers. However, the Japanese Navy was not able to sink any of the American aircraft carriers themselves. The Japanese send their carrier task force to Midway Island in the hopes of confronting the Americans and invading Hawaii.

A battle did ensue, but the heart of the Japanese Navy- 4 carriers including the Kaga, which can be seen in Second Life and shown in these photographs, were sunk by American aircraft. Only one American carrier was lost, and the United States was able to build a huge number of new carriers, over 20, in the course of three years. Japan's fate was sealed during this battle. They were incredibly confident of victory, and lost.

You may be able to visit the aircraft carrier Kaga here (if it has not been removed):

You can read more about the battle of Midway here:

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