Friday, May 25, 2012

The Results of This Week's Poll on Unsolicited Teleports - 85% of you are negative

Here are the results of this weeks poll asking your opinion of unsolicited teleports.

85% of you have either a very negative or somewhat negative opinion of unsolicited teleports.

There were 42 total respondents.

70% of you have a very negative opinion.

15% of you have a somewhat negative opinion.

7% of you are neutral or have no opinion.

7% of you like them.

The numbers do not equal 100% because of rounding.

Please take this week's poll on the top right hand side of this page on extended club hours in Second Life. 

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  1. Nice blog Eddi. I try to follow this golden rule and always hope that I do not offend anyone. If I disagree with anyone it would be only between me ant that person. Keep up the great work. You are in my book the best. Just do not tell Ryce I said that. smile


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