Friday, May 25, 2012

Remember the Second Life Blogger's Golden Rule

Sometimes when I blog, I like to step back and ask myself why I spend hours doing this.

After three and one half years blogging in Second Life, for Ryce and Eddi's blog, and publishing almost 5,000 combined posts, and receiving over 950,000 combined hits, I ask myself what the point of all this is?  And is it worth continuing?

I blog to keep a record of my time in Second Life, and to entertain others in the process of doing so.

Now what will I not do here?  I will never attack or demean another Second Life Resident on these blog pages.  For any reason. I will not be a cyberbully. Under any circumstance.

And most importantly, I will do the following:

I will blog about other Second Life Residents as I wish them to blog about me.

Lucky for the Second Life LGBT Community, we have a core community of committed bloggers who abide by the Golden Rule.  And we are a better place because of this.

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