Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Blue Mars Opens a New City: Francophone Xanadu

Blue Mars opened a new destination on May 16, Xanadu, a destination for the French speaking community. I like the "bubles" area which spews pink and blue champagne bubbles out of small "flower geysers" in a valley setting. The description of the destination says the following"

"Still largely unexplored, the territory of the colony contains the remains of an ancient Martian civilization"

Although Blue Mars has not had much development since late 2010, it still shows sign of life.  The recent announcement with Ball State University's IDIA Lab has yet to result in any new content- my guess is much hinges on how much new content IDIA lab can generate, and more importantly, if Blue Mars can be updated to incorporate CryEngine 3, the current iteration of the technology on which it is built upon.

For news about the future of Blue Mars:

For news about the future of Blue Mars:

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