Sunday, April 22, 2012

Gorgeous Second Life Destinations: Houma House: Part 2 - Interior

The iconic Houma House, a Greek Revival Southern Plantation home in Louisiana, was built  in the 1800's, was the centerpiece of a wealthy sugar cane plantation on the Mississippi Delta. Houma House is one of the most beautiful plantation homes still standing in the United States. It was restored in the 1990's, and can be visited on trips to New Orleans.

The Second Life build is nothing short of spectacular and is a must -see destination.

Note for film buffs: The setting of Houma House was used in the 1965 Bette Davis / Joan Crawford camp classic Hush... Hush, Sweet Charlotte.

You Tube video showing the history of the Houma House and Plantation:

Web site of Houma House (real life):

To visit Houma House (SLURL):

Part 1, Houma House Exterior, ran here on Friday.

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