Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Updates on the new Linden Third Party Viewer Policy

Linden Lab Management Explains The New TPV Policy

The meeting yesterday on the new Third Party Viewer Policy was packed. See JayR Cela's take on this:

Tate Runino's Blog has an interesting Q & A on this subject --She contacted Linden Lab, and they provided some coherent answers on this subject:

My own take (note, this is quick and I reserve the right to change my opinion).

1. Most of the TPV changes that Linden Lab wants to implement are good.  They will enhance user security.

2. Some of the changes are simply wrong. Why is it bad to know, for example, what viewers your fellow residents are using?  If anything, this enhances security since it shows specific code enhancements viewers are accessing in their viewers. Linden went overboard.

3. Linden Lab's vague blanket statement that says, in effect, "Trust us TPV developers even though we have the right to shut you down whenever we want if you become much better than our official viewer in what we vaguely term a shared viewer experience" is resulted in extreme anger right now, and will (not may) hasten the departure of really great creative types to Open Sim grids. See JayR Cela's take on this.

Linden Lab has done a terrible job  in announcing this new policy in such a tactless and heavy-handed manner,and has made a mountain out of something much smaller.  The anger that can be felt across the grid does not have to be -- and Linden Lab management needs to deal with this now with more clarification on what they will and will not tolerate in terms of additional viewer features. 

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