Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Ryce Skytower Models His Favorite Western Outfit From Rooster's

Roosters Assless Chaps - Dark Jeans Option

Ryce likes his outfits from Max Alvord's Roosters, a brand which specializes in stripper outfits for the guy or gay who likes to bare all by taking off layers of clothes.

Ryce reviewed his Tom Cruise Risky Business stripper outfit here in November.  He is now wearing one of his favorite outfits for basic clubbing nights, a cowboy themed outfit which consists of classic assless chaps and cowboy boots.

Roosters Assless Chaps -  Thong Option

The assless chaps come in four versions in pants and underwear layers - Dark Jeans, Light Jeans, Thongs, and No Underwear (actually designed for you to wear your own underwear or jock, or go commando).

The  chaps cost 299 and are available at the Rooster's store and on SL Marketplace here:


Roosters Assless Chaps - No Underwear Layer Option

The well detailed Cowboy Boots, with silver buckle, cost $350 Linden. They are available at the Roosters Store (along with a wide selection of other well made boots) and on SL Marketplace here:


Roosters Cowboy Boots

Roosters Assless Chaps - Light Jeans Option

Roosters Chaps Buckle Detailing

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