Thursday, February 23, 2012

Masterwork Machinima: The Time Travelers- Award of Excellence from the Los Angles Movie Awards

XNET Controls the World in 2020

My Notes:

I am not sure I agree with the rather Luddite message of this excellently produced, and filmed in Second Life series, but it is definitely a masterwork and deserving the major awards it has won.

The message of the machinima-- we must have a future in which humans, and not machines, win. Xnet controls the world in 2020.  Xnet controls the world with supercomputers and artificial intelligence.  Humans verses the net.  The net takes over the world with flying saucers emitting rays --- like HG Wells War of the Worlds.

Many die, the earth's population is reduced from 8 billion to one billion. The time traveler comes from the future to stop the invasion.  You need to watch the machinima so I dont ruin it for you.

XNET Destroys the City of San Francisco with Flying Saucers and Ray Guns


- Award of Excellence for Animation from the Los Angeles Movie Awards
- Winner of Best Storyline from Virtual Worlds - Best Practice in Education

Time Travelers will be seen online, at International Film Festivals and throughout the nation at: FutureLab: The Innovation Expo

From You Tube Channel:

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