Thursday, February 16, 2012

Important News from Hypergrid Business: OpenSim exceeds Second Life private regions

An important milestone has been reached, and it is not good for the long term outlook of Second Life.

According to Hypergrid business, the number of OpenSim regions has exceeded the number of Second Life private regions. There are a total of 24,161 regions on public grids. By comparison, Second Life now has 23,359 privately-owned regions.  The number of private regions is probably much higher, since grids behind university and other firewalls are not counted.

What is the solution for Second Life to continue to grow and not hemorrhage land area?  As I have said here all year, land ownership costs in Second Life are way too high to be competitive. They must be cut by at least 25% immediately, with revenue losses made up for with transaction taxes and other user revenue sources. Land owners cannot go on carrying the economic burden of Second Life all alone.

The top 20 OpenSim grids in terms of land area from Hypergrid Business are listed below.

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