Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Happy 5 Years of Spinning in Second Life DJ InsyX

InsyX beloved New York Giants win the Superbowl

Yesterday, February 22 was DJ InsyX's 5th Anniversary spinning as a Second Life DJ.

InsyX actually rezzed into Second Life five years ago this past October.

InsyX's own club, Aqua, was 5 years old last Friday. InsyX has used this club as a training ground and a home for many of Second Life's top DJ's. InsyX has helped build  the Second Life club scene and has given thousands of residents great music over the past five years -- and has helped make  music and clubs the number 1 activity.
In addition, InsyX has spent a great deal of time building and managing the great music activities at Second Pride-- and annual event that will be coming up later this Spring that is the highlight of the year for the LGBT Second Life scene.

Insyx and Eddi at Aqua Lounge

For those of you who don't know, DJ InsyX is my Second Life dad. I share this honor at the current time with Matt Guyot, one of my Second Life brothers, and Ryce Skytower of course, the other "me" in Second Life who logs in during the evening hours.

Now what does all this role play mean?  We do not play "house" or role play any of this. And yes, it can appear to be silly.

But InsyX has given me some very good advice over the past two years, in terms of both Second Life and even some real life issues. I can go to him if I want to discuss something. He is a calm and level head who always knows how to handle a difficult situation. My guess is that many other people feel this same way So this is why I call him my Second Life dad, and he was kind enough to add me to his family.

So happy 5th Spin Anniversary day as a Second Life DJ, InsyX.  And I and many others are looking forward to the next five years!

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