Thursday, February 16, 2012

Four Years Ago- The Building of the City of the Arts on Hyacinth Island

Eddi Haskell Gallery at the City of the Arts

The great Second Life architect Ummmm Kazan began construction of the City of the Arts in December of 2007.  I started the City of the Arts to showcase Ummm's architecture, and have a large home for my own and other art galleries.

Fashion House Plaza at the City of the Arts
Over the two months, using Ummm's vision as a shell, I filled out the construction of my own large gallery, the Alhambra mansion, Fashion House, which became the first home of JM Models, and the original home of Jake's dance club. It was a gorgeous place. I managed to keep the City of the Arts going until August 2008.  The good thing about Second Life is that you can do a build like this and conserve the essence of it in machinima.

Channel Gardens at the City of the Arts

Ansche Chung's organization helped me buy the land for the City of the Arts at a very reasonable price for a full sim (call it a giveaway) because of the charity events that happened on a regular basis on the island. We managed to raise thousands of dollars for, which provides social services in the New England area and was started by Harvard Students.  The City of the Arts helped raise awareness for Bread and Jams, and was a great success in this regard. 

Alhambra Mansion at the City of the Arts

You Tube of the City of the Arts -- I can be seen giving a tour around the island. Note that this is early 2008 -- you can see how much avatar appearance has improved in four years. This video, and the one below on the Alhambra Mansion, were produced by Jesicaan Wigglesworth.  The music is Bruckner's fourth symphony, The Romantic, first movement.

The Alhambra Mansion was on the City and deserved a video all of its own.  Jesicaan produced this video to the music of Sheherazade by Rimsky Korskov.  I produced several of the textures myself, and did much of the detailed architecture off Ummmm's design. It was a gorgeous structure.

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