Monday, February 13, 2012

Drugs Rarely Kill. Alcohol Mixed with Drugs Kills Quite Often.

Never, ever mix alcohol with any drug - its a killer. 

This may not be the right day to bring it up, but in a way it is -- in case you do not know this, burn this message onto your brain and never forget it. Even if you do not use recreational drugs, you might know someone who does whose life you may be able to save one day.

I have done volunteer crisis counseling on hotlines in the past, and learned something.

Drugs by themselves, whether or not the drug is cocaine, crystal methamphetamine, methadone, or any "downer" rarely kill.  Of course, a person can commit suicide by deliberately taking an overdose of any drug, but recreational drug usage - assuming the drug is taken orally and not intravenously -- rarely kills by itself. Drug usage can kill over time -- but it is difficult to accidentally overdose on a single drug.

The real killer, something that has come to attention today, is drugs mixed with alcohol. Alcohol is a very powerful substance -- and can kill if mixed with any "downer" (such as sleeping pills or methadone or similar substances), or "upper" (especially cocaine  and methamphetamine) by magnifying the effect of any drug.  Most people who die from accidental overdoses do not realize the risk that mixing involves.

In the case of "downers", alcohol increases the effect of these drugs exponentially --- and can result in an unconsciousness state in which the body is unable to breath. Name a celebrity, or anyone,  who has died of an overdose, and odds are, mixing was involved.

In the case of "uppers", mixing alcohol and cocaine for example, the body can produce deadly toxic chemicals that can kill instantly as well as over time. In addition, forcing the body to both speed up and slow down at the same time can put the body into toxic shock and stop the heart from beating. The worst thing one can do when overdosing on cocaine is to try to come down with another drug or alcohol. Get yourself of someone who you are with and suffering from overdose symptoms to an emergency room instead.

If I have saved one life because someone who reads this post remembers it, and warns someone about the consequences of mixing, then this post is worth it.  I would have to think that anyone who had died from mixing would want me to do this so others do not repeat their mistake.

Thanks for reading, Eddi. 

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