Sunday, February 19, 2012

A Depressing Day - Goodbye to My Infinitiy Q-45T

Today is a depressing day.  My beloved year-2000 Infinity Q-45T can no longer be economically maintained. I am going to be trading it in and getting a smaller, more fuel efficient auto that does not require incredibly expensive source parts to keep it running.  And I am going to be giving up one a real luxury that has served me so well for the past six years -- this amazing automobile.

My trust auto mechanic, Tommy, told me that by the time I get a new rack and pinion set , 8 new coils for my 8 cylinder engine, a new air conditioning compressor, new oil tray (whatever that is) and other repairs I have been avoiding, the repair bill will be over $5,000, and even spending that will not cover all the necessary things I have to do to keep it running after 100,000 miles in tip-top shape. These are not cheap cars to keep as they get older.

The car has a lifespan of at least triple the miles I have on it -- but since it is a top-of-the-line Infinity that is approaching 13 years, one that is no longer made,  buying necessary manufacturer sourced parts for this high performance car are required -- and simply not worth the money for how much I drive.

I love this car.  I actually purchased it used in 2006 for under $10,000  --which really was a steal back then (the original owner wanted all cash for it for that amount, which is something I did not question at the time). The car new cost well over $60,000 in 1999, and was arguably, along with the top Lexus models, the best Japanese car ever built. Some reviewer's complained that the ride was too smooth and silky, but I loved it -- and I also loved all the room that the front seat allowed a big guy (I am over 6'1"). It was tightly sprung like a sports car (the T or Touring designation), and was incredibly spacious at the same time.

Whenever I needed speed, nothing could accelerate like this car. And, surprisingly, it got 18 miles the gallon, not bad for such a big 8 cylinder beast,

So, this weekend, I need to say goodbye to my old friend, and hope that the car get services and reused -- and not cut up into parts.   I will not miss spending the over $80.00 (that's right!) it takes to fill a tank up, and that cost is expected to rise to $100.00 this summer (ouch!).  But still, I will miss my old friend -- and will probably shed a tear as I part with it at some dealer lot and drive away something that does not look dazzling with a good detailing and turn heads as this car has.

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