Saturday, February 25, 2012

Avatar Hunk of the Month for March 2012: Marathon Man Robin Kanya (Robin White)

Meet our hunk of the month for March 2012:  handsome Robin Kanya - (formerly Robin White) , who hails from the United Kingdom. Robin hosts at clubs in Second Life and currently can be found at Wes Spengler's Pavilion and other places where his good friend DJ Mikedacook Denzio happens to spin.

I am calling Robin "Marathon Man" since running triathlons and endurance training is one of his main hobbies in real life. Robin's avatar actually resembles his real life self to a great degree

Besides having a great combination of masculine muscular looks and sexy boyish charm. Robin is very well liked in Second Life and has a large number of friends who greatly appreciate him.  Robin's photos first started appearing here in July 2011, his photographs have frequently been the most downloaded of any month. I actually have had more requests to photograph Robin than any other Second Life individual over a long period of time.

Please enjoy these photographs of Robin -- and follow the links below including some very hot X-rated shots over at Ryce's blog.


To see Robin's outdoors speedo shots:

To see Robin dancing:

To see Robin in a period suit in Venexia:

For some shots of Robin in his briefs:

For a more mature look at Robin head over to Ryce's blog
(note: sexual themed content, no one under 18 years of age please)


  1. Congratulations to one of the nicest and sexiest guys in sl, yes he is even more handsome in rl and when he runs he raises a lot of money for charity. Once again congratulations Robin.

  2. Congratulation one of the sexiest and best guys in sl. Also congratulations on your running and the money you raise for cancer hospices. Well done Robin a guy who is so much more than an Avi.

  3. Congrats to Robin, love seeing pics of him and its great news and very interesting to read about Robin too. Thank you Mr Hskell.

  4. Well done and we hope to see more of you in the coming months.


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