Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Club Photography: Ryce Skytower at Tadd's on Monday Night

 Tadd's had a full  house and the usual hot crowd for Monday night fun. DJ Johny Alderton had the crowd hopping with his disco mix of bouncy tunes for disco night.

Look at What I Found in the Attic -- An Old Film of Aunt Edwina Haskell and Her Friend from Sweden

Aunt Edwina, dancing in the 1960's

Look at what I just found in the attic!  Some old film of Auntie Edwina Haskell (they say we look very much alike) and a friend of hers who I think was from Sweden trying out as the groovy "it" girl for some British rock group in the late 1960's.  They both bought the same hip dress from Marks and Spencer by mistake.

They Say I Look Just Like Auntie Edwina

They both did not get the part, I remember Aunt Edwina telling me that it had something to do with five o' clock shadow. but aren't they both so cool?  I personally thing that her friend from Sweden is the prettier -- I hope Auntie Edwina never sees this but Swedish girls always win every time!

Cousin Bockella

I remember that Auntie Edwina and her friend from Sweden went to Carnival in Rio one year. I found this photo in the attic too today -- her friend looks like a real swinger if you ask me!

Swedish Girls Do It Best
Note:  The blog post was inspired by Bock McMillan's post today:

Photography editing courtesy of Photofunia

Incredible Trivia Fact -- A U.S. President Born in 1790 Has Two Living Grandsons

President John Tyler - Born in 1790, Has Two Living Grandsons
I read an incredible trivia fact this week. The story is actually all over the news.

The person in the painting above in John Tyler,  the 10th President of the United States from 1841- 1844.  He is pretty much a forgotten President, so odds are that you have never heard of him or have read much about him.

The incredible fact is this -- He has two grandsons who are alive.  One was just in the news this week.

I did not believe it at first.  How can someone born in 1790 have two living grandsons?

John Tyler, from Virginia, was never elected President.  He took office as Vice President and replaced President William Henry Harrison, who died after being in office for one month in 1841. John Tyler is most remembered as the first U.S. Vice President to become President.

John Tyler had 15 children through 2 wives. One of his children, Lyon Gardiner Tyler  was born in 1853, and fathered Lyon Gardiner Tyler, Jr. in 1924 and Harrison Tyler in 1928. Both are still alive at 84 and 88.

Lyon Tyler made the news this week denouncing Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich as a “big jerk,” citing his discomfiture with Gingrich's three marriages-- this is why this story broke this week.  People are amazed that this person's grandfather was born in 1790.

John Tyler fathered a son at 63 years or age, and his son fathered sons at 71 and 75 years of age, and everyone had a relatively long life span  The calculations are correct.  This is a great one to know for the trivia books.

Monday, January 30, 2012

From New World Notes: Second Life Land Revenue Falls To Its Lowest Amount Since 2009

From New World Notes

According to New World Notes, the most influential independent publication covering Second Life, land area - and associated revenue -- has fallen to its lowest rate since October 2009.

The remedy is obvious. Land area will decline until the price of land of land ownership and maintenance becomes sustainable for residents and business owners. Linden Lab must immediately cut the price of land by at least 25% and implement a transaction tax, or another revenue generator, to make up for this. Opensim worlds are growing at the same time. Will Linden Lab wake up and smell the coffee before its too late?


Real Life Hunk of the Week: World Great Dancer Roberto Bollo

Roberto Bolle was born in 1975 in Casale Monferrato, Italy. He is the first Italian male to hold the position of Principal Dancer with the great American Ballet Theater in New York. He can arguably claim to be the greatest male dancer who is currently active on the world stage. He started with the La Scala Ballet in Milan, and has danced with the Royal Ballet, the National Ballet of Canada, the Stuttgart Ballet, the Staatballett Berlin, the Vienna Staatsoper Ballet, the Munich Ballet, the Tokyo Ballet, and other major companies.  In 2006 he danced at the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympic Games in Turin where he was seen by 2.5 billion people.

Roberto Bolle is also gorgeous and has done quite a bit of celebrity model work.  He probably could be a supermodel if he did not have this other talent to dance.


Official Web Site:

You Tube: Interview (note, there is one up in English  but it sounds much hotter in his native Italian which I show below).

For More Photographs of Roberto Bolle:

For photographs of other Real Life Hunks (scroll down):

Great performance clips in this video, but the music is  bit heavy"

Aqua Lounge Schedule January 30 - February 5

Club Photography: Si De Brit's First Rez Day Party at the Gay Riviera on Sunday

Si De Brit- First Rez Day in Second Life 
Si De Brit, Winner of Mr. Nude Second Life for 2011, and a very nice guy and friend to many people, celebrated his first Rez Day to a packed crows at Baz Ceawin's Gay Riviera on Sunday evening. Scott Summers was DJ and kept the crowd dancing for hours.

For mature photography from the event (no one under 18 may link to this material) see Ryce's Blog: