Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Vist the Japanese Aircraft Carrier Akagi in Second Life - One of the Aircraft Carriers used to attack Pearl Harbor 70 years ago today.

The Japanese aircraft carrier Akagi, which means "red castle" was one of the four carriers used in the Pearl Harbor raid 70 years ago today. There is a remarkably good replica of the Akagi in Second Life which you can visit here. There are no airplanes on it so you will have to use your imagination -- but the build is excellent

To see photographs of the flagship of the Japanese Navy in World War 2, the huge Battleship Yamato.which is near the Akagi in Second Life, you can see my article from last year.  I think the Yamato build in Second Life is very impressive, to scale, and the best replica of any ship in virtual reality:

The last photograph shows sailor Eddi on board the carrier.

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