Thursday, December 15, 2011

Second Life Destinations to Visit: Environmental Art "Through the Lens of Dreams"

Description of art installation taken directly from the two artists:

Through the Lens of Dreams
Madcow Cosmos & Lorin Tone

"Through the Lens of Dreams" is an exploration of the transformative nature of dreams, where each new setting may emerge from the last and seems continuous while we're experiencing them. The only truly consistent part of a dream is the viewer, that's you. Thus as you walk through the installation you help complete the piece, good work. The piece is more a series of doodles that flow from each other than a single large composition so it seems somewhat sprawling and busy. 

How to enjoy this piece:

Walk, fly, hop, or shimmy as to your preference. Click things, poke them, dance naked around them, or sit on them. Feel free to photograph, make machinima, exactly copy my work by painstakingly reproducing it, or loudly decry it as an assault against good taste, you have the artist's permission!

I took these photographs from this location:

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