Saturday, December 31, 2011

Ryce Models the Wild! White Tiger Set - Almost a Freebie at 1 Linden

Ryce likes the collar detailing 

There are a huge number of free and virtually free clothes for men on Second Life.  Some are barely worth wearing, and others, such as this three-part white tiger set by Tatania Grut are actually quite nice. It only costs 1 Linden on SL exchange, and consists of a  sweater, tank, and underpants - all with a tiger drawing on them.

This set comes with no permissions, so if you accidentally trash yours, you will need to buy another one.

You can purchase yours here:

You can see Tatiana's blog for Starchild Designs here:

You can see Tatiana's other 1 Linden items for men here at this link.

Ryce wears the sweater and briefs -- all have a tiger on them

Ryce likes the way the brief is cut. 

Being an avatar means that you never have to shave your armpits

Ryce preparing to go commando for the evening

Nice tiger detailing

The brief does a good job showcasing Ryce's shapely bum. 

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