Saturday, December 10, 2011

One Solution to Expensive Land Prices in Second Life -- Open a Showroom in InWorldz

One of the gorgeous showrooms of Bygone Days in InWorldz

Jeannie Moonflower's Bygone Days Antiques makes some of the very best reproductions of antiques from major decorative periods from 1800 - 1970 in Virtual Reality.  Art Deco, Victorian, French Empire and other decorative themes are some of the periods in which she specializes.

Note:  All photography in this article was taken at Bygone Days Antiques in InWorldz

One the the great Art Deco items in Jeannie Moonflower's InWorldz showroom
Back in 2007, when I first met Jeannie, she owned several large showrooms in what must have been an entire full Sim in Second Life.  When I visited her Second Life showroom yesterday to buy some low-prim lighting fixtures for my new gallery (you have never seen good low-prim furniture unless you see what Jeannie can do), I noticed that her land space had dramatically declined. Although she was still putting furnishings out, she was relying on rez vendors to display her items.

SLURL to Bygone Days showroom in Second Life:

There are many authentic looking Grandfather and other floorclocks in a wide range of styles. 

Then I noticed that Jeannie opened a large full-item showroom in InWorldz, one of the larger Open Grid worlds where land costs a fraction of Second Life to purchase and maintain.  Jeannie offered to send her furniture to Second Life buyers after viewing them in InWordz.

IZURL (InWorldz SLURL) to Bygone Days:

French -Inspired blue furniture from Bygone Days Antiques

What a great idea!  This saves on cost, but lets Second Life residents see what they want to see in a proper setting before they order it. Julia Hathor, owner of Creative Fantasies, has similarly moved her Winter Sim to InWorldz.  The Creative Fantasies Winter Sim was in my opinion the greatest holiday season build in Second Life-- and still can exist on a lower-cost open world.

Bygone Days Antiques lighting.  much more is 

InWorldz is worth a visit, if you have not signed up you can do so and download the InWorldz viewer here:

Bygone Days church furnishings, a selection of Judaica is also avaiable. 

Bygone Days has a Goth furnishings pavilion in InWorldz

Bygone Days large-scale  bar furnishings in InWorldz

Modern "Americana"  furnishings at Bygone Days, nostalgia  for the threatened middle class

You can purchase these farm animals after viewing them in InWorldz for Second Life

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