Monday, December 5, 2011

My Top 10 Hottest Avatar List For November 2011 -- According To You Readers

The following images of Second Life residents have been downloaded the most over the past 30 days by readers of this blog.  Statcounter Software (a free online service) accurately reports which images are downloaded off this blog. Note that several of these images -- Tadd Rives, Theron Mexicola, and Zann Baxton have been in the top 10 list for most of this year.

A large number of images - about 100 - are downloaded on an average day.

There are actually 11 avatars listed -- but Kori and Merlin share one photograph.

If you would like to nominate your own top 10 list, I will run it in comments below.

1. Tadd Rives

2. Robin White

3. Theron Mexicola

4. Kori Capalini (in white) and Merlin Khaos

5. Zann Baxton

6. Bora Rossini

7. Jared Palianta


9. Ricky Silentghost

10. Protactinium Thor


And just in case you are interested, the following image real life model -- Ryan Barry -- has been downloaded more than any other in the past 30 days. However, he still ranks second to Hunky Tadd Rives in number of total downloads.

You can see more photographs of handsome Ryan here:

Ryan Barry - #1 Real Life Hunk of the Week


  1. OMG I am just shock. Thanks Everyone that downloaded my picture. :))


  2. Robin and Tadd very sexy handsome guys, the other guys are handsome too. Hope to see more of sexy Robin & Tadd very soon.


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