Saturday, December 17, 2011

Fotos From Our Third Anniversary Party Today

Jago and I had a fantastic third anniversary party today.  Around 60 friends came throughout the evening, friends old and new, and everyone had a good time dancing to the tunes of DJ Insyx who we want to thank for doing such a great job.

Our six VKC dogs were well behaved and were certainly enjoying all the guests.  We want to thank everyone who came, and everyone else who could not but sent fond wishes.  You made this day special for Jago and I to remember. Party on, and have a great holiday season!


  1. God I wish I could have come Eddi but I had drama (sigh)

  2. I had a really great time. I am happy to be apart of a great event like that. As someone who has a pretty long SL relationship (MountainBear and I) for almost 5 years, and we are great friends in RL because of it, I honor those that can do that sort of thing in a virtual world.

    Congrats and many more years for you 2 great guys.


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