Wednesday, December 21, 2011

An Excellent Gaming Laptop Deal for under $1,000.00 - The Asus G73

I have never reviewed a laptop here for playing Second Life, only desktops. However, I noticed one earlier today that I would purchase if I wanted a more portable computer.

I have found an incredible deal online from Tiger Direct, one of the largest online retailers together with NewEgg - a refurbished Asus G73GH for $759.99.  I like Asus G73 and G74 laptops for gaming, they are some of the best made outside of the high-end Alienware -- a comparable Alienware 17-inch laptop retails at double the price  At these prices they are an incredible buy.

You can find Asus refurbished laptops at and at other online retailers. Configurations of CPU's and graphic cards change though-- it is best to look at graphic card benchmark ratings before you buy one. As long as you have an Intel i7 CPU (which is standard) you will be fine in terms of overall processing power.

The Passmark ratings can be found here:

Tiger Direct has retail stores available in some locations, most notably in Florida -- you may be able to get it directly at the store, but they will ship it out to you at no charge.  I hate to shop in crowded stores, so I would have it shipped. You also avoid sales tax in most cases in the United States if you purchase this in another state from where your shipping address is located - an American taxation anomaly that many are surprised by.

It is a large laptop - with a 17 inch screen, runs Windows 7 home premium, and has a very powerful Intel I-7 CPU (which should be your first choice in a laptop at this price range), but more importantly, has an 
ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5870 graphics card, one of the very best graphic processing units around. Passmark Software benchmarks this at 2,736, a very high rating. Asus also offers a 15 inch N series gaming laptop-- which I personally would not purchase for gaming applications because of reliability issues.

This laptop should run Second Life and just about any other graphic application, including high-end video production, with ease.

You do not want to run a graphics card of this power in a smaller laptop. It needs to be cooled and you will need a large case for airflow.  Overheating of graphics cards seriously degrades performance (they do get hot) and can destroy the card itself. You do not want to scrunch up a card in a small laptop frame.

The reviews for these Asus gaming laptops have been very high over the past two years.  They are very well made and are attractive, and are reliable good value.

You must get a two-year warranty for this, since the regular warranty on a refurbished laptop is for only 3 months. The Square Trade one that is included on the Tiger Direct pages is a good buy for $195.00. You are not paying any by purchasing a warranty from the retailer. I have had great luck buying refurbished computers under warranty -- it is a great way to save money.

I would run out and buy this one if I wanted a gaming desktop.  It is simply too good a deal to pass up. 

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