Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Years Everyone! And All The Best For 2012!

Happy 2012 From Sydney Australia- World's Best Fireworks

You Tube: Celestial Elf's Auld Lang Syne

Master Second Life machinima artist Celestial Elf brings us the classic song played on New Years Eve played on the bagpipes - keeping in the Scottish tradtion.  He tells us the following about this song:

"Auld Lang Syne is a Scots poem written by Robert Burns in 1788 and set to the tune of a traditional folk song, its traditional use being to celebrate the start of the New Year at the stroke of midnight.
When Burns became a Freemason at the age of 23 he quickly absorbed the symbolism of the Craft and for him, Auld Lang Syne is a concrete expression of his love of mankind and his ideal of International Brotherhood.
The dance routine is to form a circle in which everyone is equidistant from the center, demonstrating they are all equal. At the beginning of the song all stand with hands by their sides, symbolizing they are relative strangers."

Happy New Years Eve everyone!  And all the best for 2012!

Ryce Models the Wild! White Tiger Set - Almost a Freebie at 1 Linden

Ryce likes the collar detailing 

There are a huge number of free and virtually free clothes for men on Second Life.  Some are barely worth wearing, and others, such as this three-part white tiger set by Tatania Grut are actually quite nice. It only costs 1 Linden on SL exchange, and consists of a  sweater, tank, and underpants - all with a tiger drawing on them.

This set comes with no permissions, so if you accidentally trash yours, you will need to buy another one.

You can purchase yours here:

You can see Tatiana's blog for Starchild Designs here:

You can see Tatiana's other 1 Linden items for men here at this link.

Ryce wears the sweater and briefs -- all have a tiger on them

Ryce likes the way the brief is cut. 

Being an avatar means that you never have to shave your armpits

Ryce preparing to go commando for the evening

Nice tiger detailing

The brief does a good job showcasing Ryce's shapely bum. 

Friday, December 30, 2011

Second Life Photo of the Day: Darius Kragan Standing Portraits

Second Life Art Installation to Visit: Arctica Dreams Through January 11

Rebecca Bashly's Arctica Dreams is a huge lit space underground ice cave which contains three dimensional sculpture, shapes, and patterns which interplay with light.  You first arrive on an icy island (below) with one sculpture -- and then jump through a hole in the ice to arrive underground.

I achieved these different color effects though various sky settings in the Firestorm viewer.  Make sure to play around with your light settings (time of day) in world to see how different the installation looks with different aspects of sunlight.

Arctic Dreams will stay up through January 11. You can visit it here:


Jeff Ellsworth has also reviewed Artica Dreams here and has some very good photography:

Are Things Getting Too Hot Inside Your Computer? Piriform Speccy Will Let You Know

Pirifrom Speccy, a free program, can you let you two very important things about your computer:

1. Exactly what components you have and operating system you are running.

2. The temperature (in Celsius) of your components.

This is very important -- with our processors being pushed to the limit these days with advanced graphics applications, it is very important to know if your components, including your very hot running graphics card, are overheating.  Proper space and cooling fans for ventilation are important, and, depending on the model, if your graphics card gets above 75 degrees Celsius you could be having degraded graphics performance.

You can download Speccy here:

My Speccy Readout This Morning.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Announcing the Winner of Avatar Hunk Of The Year - At 3:00 PM SL Time on New Years Day

Find Out Who Is Our Hot Avatar Hunk For 2012  on New Years Day

Yesterday, we introduced you to sexy Marccm, the Avatar Hunk for January 2012. Marccm earned the distinction by having his photographs here downloaded and viewed more than anyone else in December 2011. The next Avatar Hunk for February 2012 will be announced here at the end of January.

However, one individual. has had his photographs downloaded and viewed more than anyone else for all of 2011.  In fact, his images were viewed by our readers literally thousands of time. He has earned the distinction of being the Winner of Avatar Hunk of the Year.

You can see his torso above.   Find out who who is by coming back here on New Years Eve, Saturday, January 1 at 3:00 PM SL Time.

Happy Holidays to All of You!

--Eddi  Haskell

Guest Artist: Ana Lenabem's Amazing Textures and Animations

Most animated artwork (done as GIF's to show moving graphical animation) are very cartoonish looking. Not Ana Lenabem's. I found her art on Flickr and it is truly amazing and available for download. You can fine it here:

Free gif - Merry Christmas
Ana's art is not just for Christmas, she has animations and textures available for year-round occasions. I will be showing more of her work here on New Years Eve and Day

One thing -- if these gifs are too large, they will make your blog extremely laggy as mine is right now. And I am running two of them because they are so nice. So make sure you upload them with caution.

Second Life Photo of the Day: Calas Galadhon Morning Snowfall

I took this photograph this morning of Calas Galadhon. The original image is below.

In order to achieve this Japanese Print effect:

1. I brought out the exposure in contrast and sharpened the image.

2. I converted the image to a monotone sepia color.

3. I then placed this on a papered texture background at a 30% fade.

4. I framed it in a thin frame the same color as the sepia ink with a lighter inside frame that is barely noticable but adds texture.

I accomplished all this with Google's Picnik, the online editing service.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Winner of Hunk-of-the-Month for January 2012 - Marccm.

Marccm in November 

The Winner for January 2012 Hunk-of-the-Month is hot club dancer Marccm. Since Marccm first appeared here in November, his images have been downloaded hundreds of times by our readers.  He has frequently been the top download of the day, and combines style and cool sex appeal- a winning combination.

Marccm sat for some photographs last night which are presented here.  You will see more of Marccm in January.

You Tube: Journey To Blue Mars Part 2. Walk Through New Venice

New Venice is one of the most gorgeous destinations on Blue Mars. The area in which it is built on is at least the size of 16 Second Life sims- with no "sim crossing lines".  Although Blue Mars is no longer being developed to any great degree, and has few people in it (the apocalyptic feeling that I am the only avatar there is actually nice),
it still has some gorgeous builds like New Venice that I am keeping record of through video.

I produced  machinima with two free programs, Videopad Video Editor and Debut Video Capture by NCH Software. The music, Spring Gardens, is performed by Angels of Venice.

Part 1 of this series, The Waters of New Venice,  can be found here:

The Best of Eddi Haskell's Second Life: Questions for an Interview With a Male Escort

This post originally ran in November 2009

A while ago I proposed this "interview with a male escort" to a magazine in Second Life and never went through with it due to another project. I remember spending a great deal of time coming up with these questions. If any male escort wishes to answer them, I would be glad to run your answers and your photo in this blog. Just leave your answers in comments. Thanks, Eddi!

1. You're hot. Will you tell my partner if I have sex with you?

2. Do you have a Jake Gyllenhall looking avatar as a follow-up to question 1?

3. Do you have water sports equipment as a follow-up to question 1?

4. Does your mother know you are a whore?

5. Are you a real -life whore? If so how much do you charge?

6. Well, here's the obvious next question. then why are you spending time here making four American dollars an hour?

7. Is there a whore school in SL or are you self-taught?

8. Do you have a little black book like Heidi Fleiss did, and how much will you sell me a copy for?

9. What percent of your clients wank off at the keyboard when they are having sex with you? What would you guess?

10. Why do so many new gay avatars want to investigate being whores when they come on? It is due to acting out a fantasy, or is it due to the fact that they don't have any money?

11 Do you think I could be a whore, and how much could I get?

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Ryce Skytower Portraits - Fast Framing with Google's Picnik

One of the things I like the best about the combination of Google's Picasa and Picnik online editing and desktop software is the speed in which you can edit your images, post them to friends and family or to your blog, and identify individuals automatically. The editing tools available with Picnik are almost as rich and far easier to use than Photoshop; although some special effect at Picnik require a $25.00 a year membership, the framing is free.

You can see more photos of my alt Ryce Skytower on his own blog here:

One drawback of Picasa is one that is very frustrating and one that Google can easily fix -- you cannot set up folder hierarchies like you can in Flickr.  I have over 800 folders of photographs in Picasa; setting up metatags (master information tags) for placing them in grouped folders would be very easy to do -- and something that Google refuses to implement despite a huge number of requests from their users to do this.

How have I done with my 2011 Second Life Predictions, and what is in store for 2012?

Gazing into the Second Life Crystal Ball
In January 2011 I made 9 Key Predictions for Second Life and Linden Lab.

Six have come true, and three have not, giving me a success rate of 66%.  You can see how I did below.

What is in store for 2012 you may ask?

You can see my 2012 Predictions here:  Eddi Haskell's Important Second Life Predictions for 2012

You can see other 2012 Predictions about Second Life here by well known bloggers:

Daniel Voyager: Early SL predictions for 2012

Prokofy Neva:  My Predictions for 2012

Ron Blechner (Second Tense): 11 Predictions for 2012 for MMOs, Virtual Worlds, Social Media

Here are my nine 2011 Predictions - and the eventual outcome as true or false

1. Linden Lab will not be acquired in 2011.   True

2. "Second Life 2.0", although not called as such, will finally launch in 2011.  False  (note:  what I called Second Life 2.0 is a browser-based Second Life which.  Although it was tested in beta, it is not yet available)   

3. Usership of "regular" downloaded Second Life (called just Second Life from now on in these predictions), in terms of both user hours and concurrency (number of people logged on) will increase anywhere from 1% to 15% by year end 2011. Linden Labs will be dissatisfied with these results.    True

4. Second Life will not increase content investment by more than 10% in 2011. True

5. External media references to Second Life will not increase in 2011.  True

6. Second Life will only hire back a token number (under 10) of key employees who were laid off in 2010 and will miss a key opportunity by doing so.  True - although I am estimating this. 

7. Blue Mars, although not surpassing "Second Life" as the most widely visited and populated virtual world, will continue to make inroads in gaining media attention and usership.   False - Blue Mars suspended development  right after I made this prediction. 

8. Blue Mars and Second Life will increasingly be marginally, and not directly competitive through 2011 due to their very distinct approaches to inworld content and activities.  True - although Blue Mars really is not competitive at all with Second Life right now. 

9. The "Open Sim / Open Source" alternative virtual world applications of Second Life technology will not cut into existing Second Life usership numbers to any great degree (more than 5%).  False - I estimate that the impact of alternative open worlds is  a bit greater than 5% on Second Life right now in terms of  land sales and rentals. 

Gorgeous Second Life Destinations: The Waters of Venexia

Venexia is a gorgeous new role play sim with Vampires and Humans -- who may or may not be their source of nourishment.  It is reminiscent of both Florence and Venice but much darker - and more mysterious.   It is one of the best destinations to tour in Second Life right now simply because it is so incredibly beautiful. You will need to get an observer status tag to visit.  Try to visit Venexia which your viewer set to midnight or dusk.

I took these photographs from this location:


Link to the entire Venexia series of 15 framed photographs for download: