Thursday, November 10, 2011

You Tube: Master Artist Celestial Elf Produces His Most Gorgeous Machinima Yet.

Celestial Elf, in my opinion, is the single greatest machinima artists I have seen in Second Life.  He produced another environmentally-oriented machinima in September which is his greatest yet in terms of visualization and production values. Saving the complex diversity of animals and plant life in our rapidly deteriorating environment is a key issue of many of his recent machinima.

I take this description from Celestial Elf's write up over at You Tube:

Taliesin's Battle Of The Trees

I have set Taliesin's Battle Of The Trees within two other pieces of writing, Firstly Tacitus' report of the Roman invasion of the Druid island of Angelsey, followed by another poem by Taliesin which had been mixed in with The Battle of The Trees in a method of concealment to hide the poems meaning from those without understanding.

For the written poem and more details about its meaning, please see my Blog;

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