Tuesday, November 15, 2011

You Can Never Tell Who Your Neighbors are in Second Life

Eddi in Enemy Territory

I just found out that the Second Life Ohio State Clubhouse is on the next sim--- and for those who do not know, the Buckeyes are the hated rivals of my beloved University of Michigan Wolverines.  I photographed myself inside the clubhouse tonight.
Flying the enemy flag on the next sim!

I have been flying my Michigan flag proudly for this football season at our place on Whiskers sim near them.

In case you want to visit and buy Ohio State gear, here is the SLURL:

For the big game on November 29 between the two schools, the most famous event in American sports, Michigan WILL beat Ohio State this time, and I intend to rub in our upcoming victory as best as I can by visiting the clubhouse with a special "BEAT THE BUCKEYES" t-shirt I will ask Jago to make for the event!  Isnt that classy!

Even Handsome Aussie Jago is a Michigan Fan!  Here he is on the Campus in Ann Arbor

Go Blue and Beat Ohio State!

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