Sunday, November 13, 2011

Shame on Philip Rosedale. He's Joined the Second Life Haters

Chin up Phil, you handsome devil!   its not all bad!

Philip Rosedale, The Chairman of the Board of Linden Labs, has joined the Second Life haters who feel Second Life does not have much of a future. And he's said this in the New York Times.

In a recent New York Times interview about his new company, Coffee and Power. Mr. Rosedale said the following about Second Life:

“The problem with creating an immersive 3-D experience is that it is just too involved, and so it’s hard to get people to engage,” he said. “Smart people in rural areas, the handicapped, people looking for companionship, they love it. But you have to be highly motivated to get on and learn to use it.”

Philip is right --- Second Life IS hard to use, and Linden Labs does not make things any easier by constantly changing their version of the viewer and expecting its user base to learn something as complex as a new version of a desktop operating system every 90 days. Introducing new technologies such as mesh which play havoc with grid performance does not help either. Ever know why Second Life is not growing? As the novice to Second Life how easy their initial experience is. They try it once or twice and don't come back, but this is another story.

Lisa Douglas -- Mr Rosedale's Typical Second Life User in a Rural Area. 

But implying that the enthusiastic user base is limited to smart people in rural areas, the handicapped, and people looking for companionship? This is total b.s. and he knows it. If he sounds this way when he is meetings with potential investors, they will be running to the nearest exit.

All Mr. Rosedale has to do is look at his own marketing data and go to his own conferences to see that his description of enthusiastic users is simply wrong. While there are many people who fit his description in Second Life, and Second Life is a much richer place for them, there are even more people from major metropolitan areas who do not happen to have any noticeable disability and who are not lonely, but who simply love Second Life for what it is, whether it is a creative and learning environment, or simply a cool place to spend an evening. And this number will grow once Linden Labs can get their act together on proper costing and usability.

 As the old saying goes, with friends like these who needs enemies?

Our chairman's view of Second Life.


  1. I did not see this coming and am terribly disappointed by Philips statement.

    This is awful!

  2. That's sad to hear. SL can be a fun place. I no longer use it currently... may in the future, but not because it's not fun and I am far from handicap or rural... smart it comes and goes. I agree with you Eddi sl would attract a lot more people if it stopped changing it's viewer so damn much and made it more user friendly. Anyway my 2¢

  3. See any Linden is a fool...
    I am far from an invalid, lonely, avatar looking to hook up! I discovered SL for it's imagination, it's escape from a far too busy, crazy real life.
    Now why don't they scrap the mesh failure and give us back proper viewers, frame rates and normal lag instead of the quicksand sh*t that leaves us crashing and crashing again and again just so bored people can have mesh toys to play with!
    Mesh has not taken off like they thought it would and we all suffer for it with these non-stop upgrades that fix nothing but make things worse, stealing our inventory, crashing our computers and driving avatars away, old and new at a staggering rate. No wonder the clubs have been ghost towns most nights!


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